About Our Resource

The Rookeries Junior, Infant & Nursery School is home to the Deaf and Hearing Impaired Resource, which is a Wakefield Local Authority provision that provides access to the curriculum for deaf pupils.

We believe that the Resource provides a nurturing environment, which encourages all children to develop and grow into confident and independent young people.

We have a highly qualified team who are committed to ensuring that our pupils are fully included in school life; educationally, socially and emotionally. The teaching and support that pupils receive is tailored to their individual needs to give them the very best chance to fulfil their potential.

The partnership between home and school is a vital one, and mutual support is imperative. At this Resource we value and encourage your participation and support.

We hope that you find this overview of the Resource provision useful. Please do not hesitate to contact the Resource or the School should you require any further information.

Our Ethos

To ensure that every deaf child reaches their maximum social and academic potential.

Our Philosophy

We recognise and celebrate the potential of our deaf sign bilingual children. We hold a strong commitment to providing a child centred approach to develop learning.

The Resource

We have a purpose built Resource with acoustically treated, small group rooms. There are places for up to 16 pupils. The Resource offers a sign bilingual approach to communication and learning, where both spoken and signed communication are respected equally.

All pupils have an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) with Hearing Impairment identified as their primary need. This plan, outlining the long term outcomes, is reviewed and updated annually. In addition to this, termly meetings are held with parents/carers to discuss the short term targets written in each pupil’s Individual Education Plan (IEP).

They are registered as pupils of The Rookeries J, I & N School and are supported by specialist staff who are experienced in working with deaf and hearing impaired pupils. All children receive a curriculum and a level of support that reflects their individual needs within an inclusive learning environment in both the Resource and mainstream school.


We understand that all of our pupils have individual communication needs and therefore we offer tailored communication support to each pupil, including British Sign Language (BSL), Sign Supported English (SSE) and spoken English. Pupils receive daily input and support as appropriate from a Deaf Instructor, who is a native BSL first language user, to develop their receptive and expressive language skills. They also take part in Language Development sessions with a Deaf Instructor, which take place every week.

Some of our pupils have cochlear implants, wear hearing aids and have additional FM radio aid equipment to help them access spoken information in the classroom. These are checked on a daily basis and pupils are encouraged to bring any problems that they are experiencing to us.

The Curriculum

All pupils follow the National Primary Curriculum at a pace and level appropriate to them. There is an inclusive learning environment in both the Resource and mainstream school. Pupils have access to Literacy and Maths which is taught in small groups in the Resource Provision by a Teacher of the Deaf and Deaf Instructor. These lessons take into account what the pupil has already learned and what we want them to achieve next, using a differentiated and visual approach to learning. Some pupils work in the mainstream setting for Literacy and Maths with specialist support. Pupils may attend a combination of both mainstream classes and Resource classes. In the afternoon, pupils attend mainstream lessons in subjects such as Geography, History, PE, ICT, French, Music, Science, RE and topic work, where they are provided with specialist support as appropriate.

Supporting Children's Success

The Team

Teacher of the Deaf (ToD)

A Teacher of the Deaf is a qualified teacher who has undertaken additional mandatory qualifications specialising in teaching deaf learners. They plan, teach, assess and monitor pupils to ensure full access to the curriculum and the life of the school. The Teacher of the Deaf works closely with the mainstream school to ensure full inclusion for all deaf and hearing impaired pupils. The Teacher of the Deaf undertakes specialist assessments and provides an annual report for all deaf and hearing impaired pupils and chair annual reviews of each pupils’ Education and Health Care Plan.

Deaf Instructor (DI)

Deaf Instructors are skilled native users of British Sign Language and excellent role models for deaf and hearing impaired pupils. Building upon their own experiences of being deaf they perform a crucial role in supporting pupils in developing their deaf sense of identity and understanding of living in a hearing world. They plan and deliver Language Development sessions to develop pupils’ receptive and productive language skills, their social skills and their understanding of the wider world. Deaf Instructors also support Resource and mainstream staff and parents in developing their BSL skills and promote Deaf Awareness across the setting.

Specialist Learning Support Officer/Assistants (SLSO/A)

Specialist support staff work with deaf and hearing impaired pupils both in the Resource and mainstream classrooms. All staff have recognised qualifications in British Sign Language. They ensure that the individual pupils' communication needs are met. Working alongside the Teacher of the Deaf, Deaf Instructor and Speech & Language Therapist they also deliver short intervention sessions to pupils in areas such as speech and language, phonics, social skills, maths skills and spelling, and support pupils in the independent maintenance of hearing aids and cochlear implants. They also provide pre and post teaching of key concepts and vocabulary, to enable access to mainstream lessons and support progress.

Qualified Speech and Language Therapist

A Qualified Speech & Language Therapist works in the Resource regularly to plan, monitor, deliver and review individual therapy sessions and programmes of work for each pupil. The Therapist works closely with Resource staff to enable them to deliver daily speech and language sessions. They write an annual report to contribute to each pupil’s Education and Health Care Plan review.

The team work closely with other professionals and outside agencies as appropriate. These include:

  • Communication Interaction and Access Team (CIAT)
  • Educational Psychologists
  • Specialist Family Support Worker
  • Deaf CAMHS
  • Wesail
  • Early Help Hubs
  • Social Care
  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Behaviour Support Team
  • Learning Support Service
  • School Nursing Team
  • Educational Audiologist
  • Education Welfare Officer
  • Community Paediatricians
  • Specialist Consultants
  • SENART Caseworker

We also liaise closely with local Audiology and ENT departments, and the Yorkshire Auditory Implant Service.


The criteria to attend the Resource is that pupils have to have an Education Health and Care Plan with a prime need of deafness.

As the Resource is a Wakefield Local Authority provision, a consultation process is followed involving Wakefield Special Educational Needs Assessment & Review Team (SENART) and the Children’s Sensory Impairment Team (CSIT).

Contact Information

Should you require any further information please contact:

  • SENSS Team Manager – Joanne Kirsopp 01924 303660 jkirsopp@wakefield.gov.uk
  • Headteacher – Richard Grogan 01977 600368 admin@rookeries.patrust.org.uk
  • Teacher in Charge of Resource Provision – 01977 600368 (ext 2)
  • Senior Deaf Instructor – Michael Freeman mfreeman@wakefield.gov.uk


The Deaf Resource Local Offer