Children can either have a school dinner or bring their own packed lunch to school.
All meals are prepared on site by Chartwells, the Trust’s catering provider, and provide the children with a varied and well-balanced diet. The menu is changed termly.

Universal Infant Free School Meals are available for all children in Reception, Year One and Year Two. All other pupils can purchase school meals for £10 per week, paid in advance via ParentMail, cash or cheque at the start of the week or each half term.

Meals have to be booked by 9.30 am. If your child is going to arrive after that time and will require a school meal, please let us know.

We ask for two weeks’ notice in writing if your child wishes to change from dinners to packed lunches or vice versa.

Packed lunches

The children are allowed to opt for a packed lunch, but we ask parents to ensure that it’s a healthy one. Please avoid chocolate bars, biscuits or snacks like crisps, and fizzy drinks. For more information regarding healthy meals for children please visit 


The children have access to water at all times both during lessons and in the dining hall. Please give your child a named water bottle to use, and ensure it only has water in it.

Special Diets

If your child has any food allergies or requires a special diet please see the links below, and contact the school office if you need any more information:


At present, all Foundation Stage and KS1 pupils are given a piece of fruit at morning break.

Sweets are only allowed as special treats for the whole class on birthdays or from holidays. These must be given out at the end of school with a teacher’s consent. Chewing gum or bubble gum is strictly forbidden.

Free school meals

Free school meals are available to some children according to family income.

To find out if your child qualifies for free school meals, or for further help, you can:

If you’re entitled to register for free school meals please do so, even if your child has a packed lunch: school receives extra funding through the Pupil Premium. Please note, it’s your responsibility to renew your child’s entitlement as needed.