Subject: Reading and Phonics

What is Phonics?

There has been a huge shift in the past few years in how we teach reading in UK schools. This is having a big impact and helping many children learn to read and spell. Phonics is recommended as the first strategy that children should be taught in helping them learn to read. It runs alongside other teaching methods such as Guided Reading and Shared Reading to help children develop all the other vital reading skills and hopefully give them a real love of reading.

Daily phonics

Every day the children have 20-minute sessions of phonics.
We take a fast-paced approach to keep it interesting.
Lessons encompass a range of games, songs and rhymes.
We use the Letters and Sounds scheme and planning documents to support the teaching of phonics.
There are 6 phonics phases, which the children work through at their own pace.

Mrs Winter is our Phonics Champion: she and all of the staff at The Rookeries help the children to do their best to achieve their potential. This academic year we’ve reached a pass rate of 70%. As a school we strive to build on this fantastic progress and celebrate phonics achievements.


  • Phonics Play – a selection of simple interactive games for all phases
  • Letters and Sounds – printable resources and links to games
  • ICT Games – a great selection of games linked to Letters and Sounds
  • BBC Alphablocks – an excellent resource following the Letters and Sounds scheme