Subject: Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

At The Rookeries, we value the benefit of foreign languages and it is our aim to provide the opportunity for children to learn French and Spanish in a stimulating and engaging way. French or Spanish is delivered through a variety of games, music and speaking and listening exercises, ensuring that lessons are memorable and enjoyable. By immersing pupils in both the language and culture of France or Spain, we intend to inspire our children to engage fully in learning.

Each term, our Key Stage 2 children will learn new skills from a variety of French/Spanish topics. This will equip them with the confidence and knowledge to begin to read, write and converse in a foreign language. It is crucial that we are able to foster a positive attitude toward languages from a young age. Therefore, we endeavour to encourage a love of French/Spanish so that our pupils can become lifelong learners who will continue to improve their language skills as they grow up.