We’ve recently had a major overhaul of our long-term plans for delivering the curriculum to develop one that motivates, engages and inspires pupils, and makes explicit cross-curricular links with Maths and IT to ensure that pupils are given opportunities to apply basic skills at regular intervals throughout the year.

We’re achieving this by using a thematic curriculum ‘structure’ across the school:

  • Termly themed class focus
  • Beginning of theme focus, review/mind-map what children already know and what they want to know
  • Immersion/launch event; visit, visitor, special event
  • IT and Maths application integral to delivery of the topic/theme
  • Final product; presentation or event planned and delivered by pupils to demonstrate and showcase what they’ve learned.

Our curriculum is mostly delivered over a two-year cycle, with an emphasis on the development of key skills. Sometimes subjects may need to be treated separately, especially at KS2, when they’re taught throughout the year (e.g. Science and French). We also place significant emphasis on the consistent delivery of foundation subjects to an agreed structure for Art, Design & Technology and P.E.

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